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Important Update Regarding COVID-19

Due to growing concerns of COVID-19 (aka Coronavirus), we at Holy Virgin Mary Church will implement the following precautionary measures at our parish starting this weekend, until further notice: 1. All classes and meetings cancelled (Fri, Sat, & Sun), including Sunday school, Servants meetings, Deacons classes, Youth meetings, Bible studies, hymns classes, seniors meetings, and choir. If lessons can be done online or if parents can home school their children during this time, it is encouraged. Servants can send lessons and/or church homework electronically. 2. The kitchen and social hall will be closed to everyone. 3. All conferences, retreats, sporting events, and spiritual competitions will be canceled through the summer. That includes any service or missionary trips. 4. Encourage weekday Liturgy attendance if possible. 5. We will celebrate Divine Liturgy on all Saturdays (beginning Saturday March 21) through the Feast of Resurrection, and we encourage people to attend in place of Sundays. 6. There will be 2 Liturgies prayed back to back on Sundays UPSTAIRS for better spacing (NONE downstairs). Arabic Liturgy 7 to 9 am (on altar on men’s side) English Liturgy 9 to 11 am (on main altar). 7. During the Kiss of Peace in the Liturgy, it’s best simply to bow your head while placing your arms against your chest to express peace and love toward your brothers/sisters. And it’s best to greet the priest in the same manner. 8. Distribution of eulogia at the end of the service will be done by deacons of the church, after the loaves have been broken into pieces. 9. No sharing of kissing the Gospel, nor should the deacons drink water from the Paten after the priest washes it. May God safeguard and protect His children everywhere and at all times, and may He grant speedy healing to those who are sick. We pray that He also comforts those who have lost loved ones, and that He grant comfort, peace, and joy to all of our hearts and homes.

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