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The Coptic Educational Foundation (CEF) is launching a new initiative the Leadership and Community Engagement Competition!  As you know, every year, CEF holds The Walk for Education event on the first Saturday after Thanksgiving. Last year, our high school students successfully created 400 packages for various churches’  homeless programs. To  continue our community service this year, we have decided to encourage all high school students to share their extra curricular activities, their leadership, and their involvement with the community through the Leadership and Community Engagement Competition. This initiative aims to motivate high schoolers to start thinking about their extra curricular activities and the required personal statement for most college admission. For this competition, students we are asking to submit a 3-minute video to share their story answering the question: "Describe an example of your leadership experience in which you have positively influenced others and/or your community. What role has this experience had on your life and others?" which is also one of the UC-Personal Statement Question. Each video will be judge on the following criteria: ·        ⇒ 40 pts for leadership idea & its community impact ·        ⇒ 25 pts for impact it had on students ·        ⇒ 25 pts for creativity, production value and presentation quality ·        ⇒ 5 pts for following CEF on Instagram and Facebook @copticedu ·        ⇒ 5 pts for attending one of the CEF  Personal Statement workshop Each qualified participant will receive a $20 gift card that will be e-mailed to them. The top three finalists  will receive: 1st place $600, 2nd place a $400 and 3rd place a $200. Deadline for Video submissions is due on November 1st, 2020! All awards will be announced at The 2020 CEF Walk for Education Event on November 28th. Please note all attendees are expected to wear a mask (provided by CEF at the event) and practice social distancing. For further details, view the attached flyers and short video and please visit our webpage: Please share with all your high school students. Should you have any further questions or inquiries, please do not hesitate to contact us! We are looking forward to seeing you and your high school students at this event. Please remember this new initiative in your prayers and may God bless our efforts.

Competition Video- Instructions

CEF Flyer-Video Competition - Final
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