Mar 12, 2018

Sunday 3/11/18


Hello Parents,


Today in class we reviewed the material that was on the censer quiz the kids took two weeks ago. Also we went over how to access the weekly updates on this website, so please encourage the young deacons to visit the website every week. Also Deacons' Class material will be in the process of being uploaded online. Lastly next week there will be no deacon's class.



1. What hand hold's the base of the censer?

2. Why do we hand Abouna the censer around the Catholic Epistle?

3. Why do we hand Abouna the censer after the Absolution of Servants?



New Posts
  • Admin
    May 24, 2018

    Hello Parents, From now on I will send out a monthly report card with the progress of your child. There will be a student of the month award given out each month. Late homework will be graded as half credit. However I still encourage students to turn in work even if it's late, to learn some material, and to get some points back. -Thanks
  • Admin
    May 21, 2018

    Hello Parents, We didn't have deacons' class this Sunday because of the Kids Camp retreat. We will also not have class next Sunday because of the Family Retreat to big bear. No homework this week. -Thanks
  • Admin
    May 17, 2018

    Hello Parents, Last Sunday Censer Unit HW #04 , was assigned in class. It'll be available on the online classroom, and will be due midnight Sunday, 05/20/18. There will be no class for the two next Sundays because of Kids Camp, and Big Bear weekend. Thank You
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